Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Neil Peart - The Professor

I have had the pleasure of seeing Rush live a couple of times. I would love to have seen them more often but I suspect that they will not make it over to the UK again.

As a teenager I grew up on Rush. They were my musical and emotional touchstone. As a budding drummer too, what better person to sit at the feet of than The Professor!

Rush's music is off the wall to say the least. Far from conventional and not everyone's taste, but for the sheer musicality and talent you would be hard pressed to find any better...

I saw Neil Peart play this solo as aprt of the track YYZ at the NEC. It still sends shivers down my spine. It is worth watching anything else on the net of him playing. Another great example, but totally different musically, is him playing at the Buddy Rich Memorial concert. Footage of which is below...

Following a funeral today, I cannot think of anything more deliriously uplifting than watching this man in action.


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