Thursday, July 08, 2010

God Spaces

I have just been reading Lesley Fellow's blog - always worth a read - and I spotted a like to the Pray-As-You-Go site. A site of daily prayer available to download on to your MP3 player.

One of the things that I am hoping for in the months that lie ahead is for all of us to take prayer seriously. I don't necessarily mean that it is serious stuff, but that as Christians it is our lifeline. Unless we are regularly, daily, constantly rooting ourselves in God, then we become more distant from Him. As we become more distant, we become less and less aware of His presence with us, His desire for us, His will for our lives.

Prayer is about stepping into a God-space, aware that we are there together, speaking listening and being.

There are some other excellent resources out there that I would encourage you to explore:
- The Sacred Space website
- There is a downloadable resource created by Bruce Stanley over at the ReJesus website
- There are some good resources on the Church of England's own website and also here and also daily prayer is available here
- If you are on Facebook can I also commend Mark Brown's 'Praying People' resources. An opportunity to post a prayer and know that literally millions of people around the world will pray for you and with you.

These are just a handful of great resources.

If you know of more, or find others helpful please post a comment...

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