Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last night we had act 2 of 'Love's finest hour' a play in four parts.

Tim Sledge gave us much to think about in terms of why Jesus died on the cross and the forgiveness we are offered as a result. Another deeply moving evening culminating in an act of confession and repentence and absolution.

Again some 50 people were there - fnatastic!

It's not too late to decide to come - coffee at 7.30pm, worship at 7.45pm and teaching at 8pm (ish) and tonight we welcome Bishop Chris Foster (of Hertford.)

This week may change our lives - don't regret not being there...!


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fan the Flame began last night with a fantastic evening about 'Baptism and Grace.'  Part one of four - act one of a four act play.

One of the points that Tim made last night really rang true for me - that at my baptism, and indeed every day, those words of God's at Jesus' baptism ('You are my child, my beloved, with you I am well pleased') are spoken even to me. I am a child of God. I am beloved (a very intimate term) and he is well pleased even with me... That's the starting point. As soon as we get that - nothing else actually matters...

50 people were there last night despite the rain and depsite it being Bank Holiday Monday!!!

If you got things from last night, don't thank me or Tim, but tell others and encourage them to come so they don't miss

If you missed last night for whatever reason, I hope that you can come tonight to ensure that you are part of a week that will offer us all the chance to have our faith renewed, and to be part of something that may change the landsscape of our church forever!

See you tonight!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here is the text of a letter that is being sent out by teh weekend...

Dear friends,

You might have heard that beginning on Sunday 28th May we are holding a special week of activity and learning called ‘Fan the Flame’ at Holy Trinity Church. The week is an important opportunity for each one of us to renew our trust in God and be reminded of what being Christian is most basically about.

The week looks like this:
Sunday 28th May - Launch Service at 10.00am
Monday 29th May - Evening Session 1 from 7.30pm (for coffee) “Baptism and Grace’
Tuesday 30th May - Evening Session 2 from 7.30pm (for coffee) “The Cross and Forgiveness’
Wednesday 31st May - Evening Session 3 from 7.30pm (for coffee) “Resurrection and Healing’
Thursday 1st June - Evening Session 4 from 7.30pm (for coffee) “The Eucharist and Offering’
Saturday 3rd June - 10.30am Clowning workshop by ‘Roly the Clown’ followed by Family service and picnic (the service and picnic are open to all.)
Sunday 4th June - Pentecost Sunday Worship at 8.00am and 10.00am
Evening Session 5 at 6.30pm Service of Rededication ‘Mary’

This excellent week will be led by others: Rev’d Tim Sledge (DIocesan Mission Enabler for Peterborough Diocese), Rt. Rev’d Richard Inwood (Bishop of Bedford), Rt. Rev’d. Christopher Foster (Bishop of Hertford), and Rev’d Roly ‘The Clown’ Bain.

It is not too late to decide to come to the sessions of the week - just turn up - it is as simple as that! But, I would hate you to think that you had missed out on what I believe will be a very important week for us a community.

So to avoid disappointment, why not make a commitment to coming. To get the most out of the week I would strongly suggest that you come to all of the sessions, but I hasten to add that they do stand alone.

If you have ever wanted to deepen you faith or to discover what it is that Christians really believe then this week is for you. If I can help in any way beforehand or answer any questions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Should be really good - lots still to organise though!

Oh well, so PNE are still in the Championship next season having been beaten by Leeds who now play Watford (Go Hornets!)

Less than a month to the mission (Fan the Flame) now and there is lots to organise, but I trust it will all come together...

Er, more later maybe!

Sorry for the silence...