Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well, here I am up late again! Oh well.

Been very excited today as I think the plans for the weekend of 26-28th September are falling into place well and I am sure that it will be a fantastic time! More info will be available during the early part of August.

Also today I, with the rest of the Marillion community, got to hear 'Whatever Is Wrong With You' and download it as an MP3. A stunning new track from the soon to be released 'Happiness is the Road.' It is a fantastic track - it is down and dirty with low slung swagger. Best Marillion single for YEARS! The track can be downloaded at - go check it out!!!

Lost my day off last week - so we are off to the zoo tomorrow which will be nice, and then a wedding rehearsal in the evening.

Also, ordered some new books from the soon to be gone Mustard Seed with my book grant - thanks LGRE trustees - and I have ordered some practical theological books on preaching. I have also rejoined The College of Preachers - really wondering why I let that slip...

Anway, a good day, but need to go to bed now...


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