Friday, July 25, 2008

I want to let you into a secret...

I am at Holy Trinity on Sunday! Yes that's right, I am back in my own church for the first time in weeks! HURRAH!!!

Feeling very full tonight after a lovely tea, and my new books arrived today so will spend some of this evening having a good look at those. A few on the theology of preaching which will be good to have.

So, who will leave the Big Brother house tonight? I hope that it is Bex but I fear that it will be Darnell. It's fascinating watching others in that sort of enviroment - under the microscope - but it is also very narcissistic. It becomes about who's personality we prefer. Who looks better to the camera. Who is the oddball made good. Who played the game well.

God sees past our society's self-obsession, and sees us as we really are - which is both daunting and liberating. Daunting because we feel naked - someone else really knows what we are like. Liberating because someone knows what we are like - and loves us all the same. Loves us enough not to judge us but our failings and loves enough to hold our hands and lead us through to change.

It's a long process, but one I am committed to. I don't want to be a better person. I don't wanting life-coaching and goal setting. I hope that I might, with God's help, become the person he longs for me to be, knowing that he loves me anyway.... even with all the faults.

So go on, join me watching BB9 tonight. Let's allow tonight's eviction episodes to be a mirror to look up and to see, not just the housemates, but ourselves. And as someone is ejected out of the house tonight to the braying and booing media circus, leaving those inside one step nearer to 100000 life changing pounds and fame for 15 minutes, let's invite God quietly in to our hearts and watch him transform your life for love forever.

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Anonymous said...

You got your wish, and Bex was evicted.
With your blessing, I feel able to carry on watching the circus that is BB9 without feeling guilty!
Perhaps what BB10 needs is a Vicar? Any ideas????