Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hi folks... the blog is back! I am sorry that's been a while! Since Easter, something amazing has been happening in Holy Trinity! God is doing a new thing amongst us - and I want to continue to share with you some of that great stuff!

Last night we had a really really good DCC meeting. At the heart of the meeting was an update on our priorities. This follows on from 10am services in March and June and we have discerned 7 key areas that we feel God feels we should be prioritising as achurch. These are

Study/house groups
Pastoral support
Children and young people

Last night the DCC saw how these, and the people who have shown some interest in one of these key areas, can drive forward ideas and ministry in these key areas. It also links into a skills audit that we are doing as a church too.

All of this work is drawing in many people into ministry in and through God's church, meaning that instead of there being a few people doing lots of jobs, we end up with lots of people doing ideally one job each.

This is a biblical vision of what it means to be a christian disciple - God calls us each by name through our baptisms, and equips us for mission and service. When the disciples are sent out by Jesus, they are to a specific task, for a specific period of time. Sometimes with a specific message.

It's also true for St. Paul. He didn't wander aimlessly across central Asia, but had a clear vision of where and where he was to go - targeted and specific.

This initiative also gives us as a church the opportunity to move away from being 'spiritual children' - being fed by the ministry team or the DCC or the Deanery or the Diocese and relying on others for spiritual wellbeing and nurture, and moves us to being a church, mature in our faith, and like the adults we are, taking some responsability for the life of faith oursleves.

All very exciting!

On another note, there is a really fantastic series of events and opportunities being planned for 26-28 September 2008 in Leverstock Green. An opportunity to build friendships, have fun, learn and deepen our faith together. Put the dates in the diary so as not to miss out!!!

House groups aim to begin again in September/Ocotber with 2 studies for the Autumn - one on money and one on worship - both of which look fantastic. Look out for the sign up sheets!

Also on 28th September we are inviting people back to church for a special service for all the family. This is a great opportunity to come back and join the family of the church again. It is also a great chance to invite people personally too. Please do pray for this really important service using the following prayer:

Welcoming God, thank you for today.
Thank you for making us and loving us.
Thank you for inviting us to know you.
Please bless Back to Church Sunday and bless everyone in
our church.
Help us all to know you better.
We pray in the name of Jesus.

Great to be back in the blogsphere!


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