Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Age of Stupid - Indie Screening in Bennetts End

I have been to see Age of Stupid again this week. It is the third time I have seen it. I have to say that it is no less arresting than the first time I did. In some ways the need to act, for me, becomes ever more urgent.

The other thing is that there were about 70 people there! Fantastic to see so many. Some familiar church faces, and many others.

The highlight of the evening was the chance to meet others over refreshments, and to share our reflections on the film. Words and phrases that were used were: angry, distressed, committed to action. We talked over what we might 'do.' Here was a chance to reference Hemel in Transition and the work that they are working toward. I also spoke of the need to look at public buildings, like churches, as places where recycling should happen, but where renewable energy sources should be used. I also talked about the need to act locally. Hemel has enough small communities who know each other well enough to mobilise support to ask our shop keepers to stop giving us plastic bags etc.

It was really productive. I enclose some photos of the event.

It was also a good chance to plug the Big Lunch on Sunday too...

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