Sunday, January 03, 2016

Test Tube Baptism and Blessing

We're in the season of Epiphany and next week we keep the Festival of the Baptism of Christ in one of our churches at least.

A few years ago I ordered some test tubes in the days before the Festal Eucharist.  During the liturgy (which you'll find on page 170 of this document) re asked God to bless water in the font, we sought the forgiveness of God and rededicated ourselves to living out our Baptismal vows.

At the end of the service I gave everyone who wanted to the opportunity to take home a test tube filled with holy water and to use the water to bless their home. 

I wrote the following prayer to be used with it:

As you mark the door of your home with the sign of the cross with the Holy Water, say the following prayer:
May Christ always be here with us
May He share our joys
and comfort us in our sadness.
May He inspire and help us
to make our home a place where His love is shared. Amen.

(© Simon Cutmore, 2013. Feel free to use it, but please acknowledge me as the source.)

It was well received and I'm blogging it here basically for my own benefit, but if you would like to do this/use the prayer/adapt this idea then please do so but could you simply let me know what you did and how it went?

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