Wednesday, May 04, 2011

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

I saw this video for the first time today as I am participating in the Diocese of St Albans' hosting of the Weddings Project. This was a real wedding in the USA.

We were challenged to think - whose church is this? It's not mine as priest. It's not the PCC's. It's Christ. We are all His guests.

So often the church's answer to couples is 'no' or a percieved 'no.' Christ says 'yes' to us. Shoulndn't we, as the church, say yes to loving couple's celebrations of their love?

I was deeply deeply moved by this and it made me really think


Anonymous said...

I just love this video! I'm no priest or vicar, but I've been helping organise weddings in our church during our vacancy - and I think it's so important to make people's special day as special as THEY want, as long as it honours God, and their relationship. What this couple did, certainly didn't dishonour God, and it said loads about the couples relationship.
Perhaps as a non-priest I'm missing some reason why this would be unlikely to happen over here?

Fr. Simon Cutmore said...

I think the only reason that it wouldn't happen here is that the COfE so often would say this is not the sort of thing that we do.

I have been challenged by the Weddings Project - whose church is this? Mine? No it is Christ's. He placed the bride and groom centre stage at rthe wedding at Cana and quietly lavished on them the extravegant grace of God. Our answer should be 'yes' after His example place the bride and groom at the centre of their wedding, and allow Him to lavish on them His extravegant grace.

I will now much more often say 'yes' now...