Tuesday, March 14, 2006

False alarm! We sit and we wait...

I have been thinking more about what Tim said on Sunday about mission.
He is right - we shouldn't be interested in mission like it's some sort of passtime, but if we are a church then we must be in the business of being part of it. It is God's mission - we need to be there to point out where and how he is at work.

Why is Fan the Flame a good thing for the church here? Well, it's a refresher. It's a spiritujal jaccuzi - a chance for us to be refreshed, renewed and filled with confidence, ready to face a new day. We cannot share what we don't have so FtF is about equipping too.

What I don't understnd is why so many seem to be ambivalent about this innitiative. I see it as vital and I stake my ministerial credentials on it - perhaps people don't want to grow in faith? Perhaps people don't want to be a church but a religious club...

I hope at least having Tim there on Sunday might have put some fears to bed...

More later I am sure


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