Monday, March 13, 2006

Hey world! This is the first post on the Rectory Musings blog!

This will be an opportunity for me to reflect with you on life here in Leverstock Green and especially the church.

Yesaterday was good. Quiet 8am service. Then at 10am, whilst we were thin on the ground, we welcomeed Rev'd Tim Sledge one of our mission leaders to the service. I interviewed him in place of a sermon. It was an excellent opportunity for people to 'meet' him and to hear why our mission in May/June, 'Fan teh Flame', could be such an important time for us here.

The Lent group went well on Wednesday - 18 people, but I was expecting 33!!!! We watched 'Bruce Almighty' not everyone's cup of tea, but could lead to some very stimulating discussion nextg week.

Aside from that, tonight the Governeors have a chance to hear how Ofsted went this last week - I am hopeful.

On a personal note - we are now eagrely awaiting the birth of our third baby, which was due on Friday. Come one baby - time to come out now for all our sakes!

Lent seems an odd time to blog for the first time but it is an opportunity to reflect a little. Being christian is so hard, and Lent seems to magnify my own failings immensely. Perhaps that's no bad thinmg - it reminds me how much I need God... :-) It seems like faith and life lie juxtaposed for many people, and the way that Jesus asks us to live seems not to happen, for my self included. BUT - it seems to me that we must remain committed, to searching, to striving, to at least trying. But, committment is something that most people sit very lightly to these days. God I sound old for my 33 years!

Off to Lambeth Palace on friday to a small conference with the Archbishop (assuming no baby worries!) - should be interesting! Also waiting to see whether Bishop Anders of Vaxjo Diocese gets elsected as the new Archbishop of Sweden - he would be a good man for teh job it seems to me.

Anyway, that's it for now.

Who knows, maybe more later


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LauraHD said...

welcome to the blogosphere bro! nice to have you on board...