Sunday, January 29, 2017

Teddy Bear Blessing

We have reasonably recently started giving Baptism packs to the families of the children we baptised. The packs include a whole range of things:

A Teddy Horsley story called 'Water.'
A Mothers Union magazine
A Congratulations card
A small leaflet highlighting what fathers can do to support their children spiritually
A card for the parents to give to those who are the child's Godparents
A hand knitted teddy bear for the child in question.

This morning at our Candlemas Eucharist we asked God's blessing on all of the bears we will give away this year. Feel free to use, adapt, correct the prayer as I'm sure you'll do it better than me!

Almighty God, Creator and Lover of all.
We give you thanks for those whose care and skill have made these bears.
May your blessing + rest on them.
May those newly baptised children who receive them
know the love and care of you their Heavenly Father,
whom they cannot see,
through us, your family here.
Through Jesus Christ who became a child like us,
and grew and lived and died and rose
and reigns for ever. Amen

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