Wednesday, September 08, 2010

10 Reasons to Not call yourself the Dove World Outreach Centre

I thought I'd share a great post by the Naked Pastor following the news that a Florida based 'church' intends to commemorate 9/11 by burning copies of the Qu'ran...

A little parody on 10 reasons why you shouldn’t call yourself the Dove World Outreach Center:

  1. Doves symbolize peace. They are meek, mild and gentle. DWOC’s speech is filled with war, and its leader sounds aggressive.
  2. Braveheart music in the background of their video conjures up war horses, not doves. It conjures up conquering, not come-unity.
  3. The use of the word “world” in conjunction with “dove” and “outreach” implies loving efforts, when in fact suspicion and hate is at the root of DWOC’s ambitions.
  4. Outreach, or reaching out to the world is not accomplished by burning the valued literature of those you are reaching out to. It is antagonistic.
  5. The word “world” should suggest attempts at unity. DWOC’s actions are divisive.
  6. The word “center” means a place where a certain activity is concentrated. Reaching out is the intended activity. But clutching an extremely narrow and defensive-to-the-point-of-aggressive view of Christianity is the actual preoccupation.
  7. The DWOC’s fear of world domination should demand that “world” be taken out of their name. They reflect a small but I’m afraid growing fundamentalist fervor who’s interest is the same as the interests of those they hate: world domination.
  8. The DWOC has the right to be a legal entity, the right to assemble, the right to believe what it believes and the right to certain unsavory activities that can arouse fear, hate, division and violence. The leader of the DWOC should agree that there ought not to be “centers” for this.
  9. Doves fly. This ain’t gonna fly! Except for those who’s minds are so deep in the gutter where anything that crawls is above them and looks like it’s flying. You get my meanin’.
  10. Say “DWOC”. It sounds too much like Ewok, and they were sweet little creatures. Oh wait… only if you were on their side.

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