Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On another note...

I have just discovered a blog by a friend from long ago... to my delight too!

Mike and Jane Haslam trained for ordained ministry when I was doing my undergrad degree in Bristol. At the time a strong friendship was formed, which sadly over the years I have allow to drift.

Mike, at the time of first meeting, gave me so much - an acceptance that it is ok and right to grapple with faith, an introduction to 'Cry the Beloved Country' by Alan Paton following Mike's time in South Africa. It is a book that moved and continues to move me.

Mike expresses himself and the world well in art, and this deeply felt and richly lived spirituality in Mike left a lasting impression on me. In some ways perhaps Mike is responsible for my own explorations of the deep connexions between the twok which led to my MA.

Mike also gave me a very treasured gift - a stole which he made for me to wear as we celebrate the empowering of God's Holy Spirit at Pentecost. I love the movement and unbridled power of the design which captures both Mike's and my own experience and understanding (if that's the right word to use) of God's Spirit. I will wear the stole on Sunday, and every time I wear it I remember Mike and pray for him.

He also has a blog called 'Dawn Running.' Here examples of Mike's painting can be seen, his musings shared, and stoles can be commissioned and purchased. It is definitely worth a look. I find the stoles evocative, and an aid to powerfully communicate the profoundest mysteries of the God whom we have the privilege of serving.

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