Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ohhhhhhhh I am feeling stressed!!!!! There still seems so much to before we go away on hols, because there is!

And yet I hear in the back of my head Jesus' words about not worrying about tomorrow as today has enough worries of it's own... don't I know it!!!

I don't find those words very comforting, and yet I know them to be true. In times of great stress the best way of dealing with the situation is to share it. And who better to share it with than the creator of life itself... he knows you know....

What I do long for, and I know that God can give me is peace - freedom from inner conflict, angst and difficulty - the shalom of God. The sabbath rest. The time and place where He and I can look at it all, and know that everything is good.

With so many unravelled ends at the moment - works in progress - it seems unlikely that I can sit and look at everything and know that it is good. And perhaps that's the point.

I cannot sit back if what I am doing is mine. Whereas if I give all that I do to God, and all thing are possible through Him, then together there will be a point we can look back together at all that we have done - and know that it is indeed good.

I really long for this. The stress then stops being mine, but ours (God's and mine), and together we can deal with it.

Perhaps our stressed out world needs to hear this - stress is only stress if the pressure we put ourselves under or we are put under - is something we try to deal with on our own. If we make some concious space, even for a moment, as long as it has taken to write and read this - and share the pressured lives with God - he promises not short term stress relief, but peace beyond our understanding!

I'll have some of that please!

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