Monday, November 26, 2007


Back from our church weekend away at Letton Hall. I have to say that despite the numbers, the time away went brilliantly!!! The accommodation was spectacular (designed by Sir John Soan!), food was wonderful and nothing was too much trouble, beds were comfortable, place was not too hot or cold, amazing grounds, no street lights, traffic etc...

Here's what a couple of people have said already on email...


Just wanted to say what a great weekend we had. It was amazing how well everyone bonded and although I was originally disappointed that the number of people attending was significantly less than first indicated, I suspect that the smaller group actually worked better.

I thought the sessions were really good and, for me, helpful in terms of my approach to prayer.

I also appreciate that a lot of thought has to go into the planning to make this sort of event work well, so again many thanks for all your input.

Kind regards, Terry"

and from Hitesh...

"Thanks – It was great to be with you all – we enjoyed ourselves and got back home safely – hope you were all blessed as were... Have a good prayerful week ahead..."

Well for those of you who would not/could not come... it seems you really did miss out!!! I will let those who did come (Barbara Batten, Margaret Mayhew, Anne Hunt, Terry and Kathy Perry, Matt and Norah Tattersall, Tim Bourne, Deb and Steve Hanwell, and Hitesh and Sarla Dodhia) speak from themselves because they and they children who came (thanks Sarah for your help!!!) seem to have had a superb time. Friendships were made or deepened, fun and worship were shared, and things hopefully were learned together about prayer using the Lord's prayer as a framework.

We will look to go again but earlier in the year, probably some time in 2009.

Anyway, good to be back, very tired, but very encouraged... I am at St Bs on Sunday morning, but there is the Advent carol service in teh afternoon at 3pm.

More later in the week I hope!



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