Monday, September 12, 2011

The Word as a Wordle

Here is this coming Sunday's Gospel reading from Matthew 20:1-16 as a wordle...

 I am struck by the importance of the vineyard, the labourers, the usual daily wage being received are to the wordle and the passage.

I am left wondering:
1.  At the fact that here is another parable of Jesus that speaks of the extravagant generosity of God - all were paid the same.
2.  At the place of envy - we check each other out as a way of ensuring that we are 'normal.' Most of us don't like sticking out in the crowd. We measure ourselves by those who are like us, to make sure that we blend in, that we are part of the crowd.  That checking though can lead to a more worrying condition that says things like - 'Wow come our next door neighbour can afford that new car bearing in mind what they earn...?' Is there a parallel with this parable and the parable of the Prodigal Son, especially with the son's older brother...

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