Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Incident - the new album by The Porcupine Tree

My review from Amazon.co.uk: I joined the ranks of devoted fans of this band as Stupid Dream came out... and fell in love. I have liked the way that the Porcupine Tree's music has continued to progress through Lightbulb Sun, In Absentia, and Deadwing but I have to say that much of Fear of a Blank Planet left me cold. I was ambivalent about much of Nil Recurring...

Well, I am only on the 2nd listen through of The Incident. I have to say that musically this album tips it's hat back to the musical heritage of this underrated band. Long terms fans will enjoy looks back to the ambient influences of the (pre) Stupid Dream era. But in no way is this cd a nostalgic look back to the more Floydian era of PT.

As usual Steven Wilson and co also push their musical and lyrical horizons - with some delicate ambient soundscapes, gentle acoustic guitar, Beatles-esque harmonies, a bit of dirty grunge and crushingly heavy riffing.

This has to be their most complete work to date and shows off a band at the height of their powers.

Prog album of 2009? Definitely.

Album of 2009 - could well be...

Nuff said...

Below is a sampler video... hope it intrigues enough for you to explore further :-)

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