Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Word through Wordle

Here's tomorrow's Gospel reading through the wonder of Wordle. Notice that the commonest words come out the biggest - therefore meaning that 'crowd', 'Jesus and 'came' feature very often. Closely following that are the words 'touched', 'synagogue', 'immediately', 'made' and 'daughter.'

Doing this exercise has made me wonder about the stories from the point of view of the crowd watching what happened. Notice also that the stories happened somewhere else, Jesus went to them so to speak. It is also worth noting the physical nature of what took place - not just physical healing, but Jesus touched and healed. The outcome was immediate - no mention of in God's timing.

The passage makes us ask hard questions about healing today - outside that of conventional medicine. Also, to continue to ask - who is this man?

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