Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tired today... and I still have this cold. Oh well...

One of my fave bands, Mansun, their album 'Six' was ten years old on Sunday. So in honour of it, I listened to it again yesterday. A cracking cd. Well done guys.

Ben seems to have taken to Nursery like a proverbial duck and Peter to playgroup similarly. Al seems better today about it too - an emotional thing seeing your babies become more independent!

I'm feeling good 'bout the lead up to the activities for the Autumn. We begin the START course at Leverstock Green School on Thursday. I hope and pray that it might speak into the lives of some members of the school community.

START is you chance to think about the big things in life. In an fun and interesting way it will help you to:

* Think through where your life is going
* Learn to ask questions about the Christian faith
* Discover who Jesus is, what he teaches and why it matters
* consider how you want to respond to it - and to him!

The sessions assume no previous knowledge of anything Christian. Using a mix of video input, time to chat, simple discussion activities and space for reflection, all in a style which is down-to-earth and honest, and which aims to be enjoyable too!

Sessions begin on Thursday at 7.45 pm. Don't miss out!

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Anonymous said...

didn't think Mansun did anything after Attack of the Grey Lantern.
Wide open space great track.