Sunday, April 09, 2006

The family visit went well - just a shame that one person lived up to expectations... Oh well..

Today's 10am service went well. 8am left a little to be desired. The Liturgy of Palms outide was shorter than I was expecting, but S read well. In church, litugy went on at a pace. Really good choir anthems. We tried a new way of telling the passion narrative - through a 'sound montage' which required a bit of explaining but captured a little of the noise and emmotion of Calvary. Very moving...

The service finished up a little earlier than normal but with the bit outside it all seemed to happen on time.

Good comments. It felt a good and fitting way to enter Holy Week.

Let the sermon writing begin!!!


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julie said...

I really like the way you make the services more interactive and also like the new hymn book though was excited when I saw one of my favourite songs one more step on the board sunday and a liitle miffed we didn't sing it. Maybe just miss some of the music from when I helped at Sunday School/Junior Church. Would love to see more included especially in the family service.